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Neat Knit has chosen to work with a Nepalese factory located in the valley of Kathmandu.

Neat Knit has chosen to do so, not only because Nepal provides the highest quality of cashmere yarn
as well as a unique weaving&knitting craftsmanship but also because
Nepal desperately needs support since the 2015 earthquake.

In spring 2015 Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake: 9,000 people died, eight million people were affected
(one million are children), millions remain homeless. The country is still rebuilding: Neat Knit is proud to be
helping. For each garment you buy Neat Knit donates 5% to the US Charity “Save the Children”
amount which is matched dollar for dollar by Johnson & Johnson.

The factory that produces Neat Knit garments is a well-maintained, safe and clean factory
that employs approximately 40 experienced and skilled craftsmen and women
who work reasonable working hours.

* * *